High Vaultage
Concept Fabrizio Crisafulli, Momentary Fusion, Gareth Williams. Coreography Sophy Griffiths, Isabel Rocamora. Lighting design Fabrizio Crisafulli.  With Blanca Arrieta Albanot, Nicky Gibbs, Sophy Griffiths, Kate Oliver, Isabel Rocamora, Steve Wagland; musicians Jane Burdon, Jo Pete, Gareth Williams. Costume design  Brian North, Isabel Rocamora. Technical direction Greg Clarke. Music Gareth Williams. Assistant light designer Felicita Platania. Coproduction Momentary Fusion.
London, Arts Depot, Turnhalle Building, July 18, 1995

Ph.: Robert Goldstein (1, 3, 4), Mike Grieve (2)
In the pictures: Sophy Griffiths,
Isabel Rocamora, Blanca Arrieta Albanot, Nicky Gibbs, Kate Oliver